Since 2004… Over 120 Local Authority waste related communication campaigns, over 1 million doors knocked, more than 3,000 individual pieces of waste and recycling literature designed and artworked, delivered to over 12 million homes, supported by over 150 public events. Oh, and related work delivered in 22 countries.

We think our team is the most experienced in world when it comes to waste and recycling behavioural change communications.

Our team is a hands-on, progressive and proactive group of some of the most proficient and experienced practitioners in their fields, drawn from the marketing communication industry, the waste and recycling sector and the field of behavioural change communications.

Stephen Bates

Managing Director

Stephen is the co-founder and owner of EnviroComms. He is an accomplished, and highly-effective International Government, Public Affairs and Behavioural Change Expert with over 25 years of experience leading Communications, Stakeholder Engagement, Community Relations and Operations within the global Waste and Resource Recovery sector.

He demonstrates superb communications skills, fostering trusting and long-lasting relations with governmental agencies, NGO groups, media, lobbyists, clients, and communities. Combining creative and strategic communication skills with effective behavioural change expertise, which has saved local authorities millions of pounds in additional diverted waste and increased recycling performances resulting from the programmes and campaigns he has developed.

Mildred Jeakins

Principal Communications Consultant

Mildred is a detail-driven Environmental Communications Expert of the highest order with experiencing spanning campaigns and initiatives supporting recycling, waste minimisation projects and sustainability across London and Toronto leading on innovative measures that have been successful in stimulating positive change.

As a former Recycling Officer at the London Borough of Hackney and the City of Toronto, she has incisive knowledge of the challenges facing local authorities and their obligations on the demonstration of responsible stewardship. This, combined with her extensive experience and precise attention to detail makes Mildred one of the most effective leaders in environmental outreach working in the sector today.

Beth Baylay

Account Manager

Beth is a highly experienced and effective specialist in stakeholder engagement, change management, waste policy and legislation, experience gained across a wide spectrum of diverse projects and institutions for the private and public sector.

As part of the Policy Team at WRAP, Beth lead on many groundbreaking initiatives focused upon the assessment and evaluation of EU policy impacts, home composting and developing progressive performance monitoring frameworks.

Beth also worked at the Carbon Trust where she provided key inputs to the UK Climate Change policy, the Carbon Reduction Commitment, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the Climate Change Levy.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Senior Advisor and Consultant: Emerging Economic Regions

Sanjay is our go-to man on the projects we deliver in low-income and emerging economic regions around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in water, sanitation, waste management, recycling, livelihood, Environment and Climate Change issues. He is currently involved in Clean Cities Championship Campaign, Integration of Informal Sector in Azerbaijan, Egypt, India and Bhutan and has recently prepared the national strategy for integrated solid waste management for Bhutan along with writing its National Policy and Regulation.

Lisa Eve

Senior Consultant: New Zealand

Lisa leads on all things Kiwi with our recently launched New Zealand operations. Lisa has extensive experience in strategic service reviews for local authorities, working at Auckland City Council for four years from 1998 during their full refuse and recycling service review, and working for Bristol City Council in the UK for three years managing the introduction of a city-wide biodegradable waste collection. At the time it was the largest city-wide full organic waste collection in the UK, servicing 165,000 households, supported by a communications campaign developed by EnviroComms. She also has experience in developing policy for sustainability at local authorities.

Andrew Whiteman

Principal Consultant – International

Andy is our lead Associate Advisor and principal consultant across international projects. He is a highly experienced policy and strategy specialist in resources and waste management with over 25 years experience in over 40 countries worldwide, working at the forefront of global innovation in the sector.

Paul Director

Creative Director

Paul is the UK’s most experienced creative professional in the waste and recycling sector having developed campaigns for over 120 local authorities promoting recycling services, waste minimisation, composting and others. The campaigns he’s lead on have won awards and delivered compelling outcomes.

Paul’s natural creative flair is coupled with a deep appreciation of the visual motivations that stimulate behavioural change and an ability to apply this across all visual elements of the projects EnviroComms develops.

Lee Bollu

Digital Development

Lee was born in the digital age we now live. He is an astoundingly good developer of all things digital combining technical and creative flair in abundance.

His extensive experience across a wide range of waste related communication initiatives has equipped him with unique knowledge on the provision of key service information for public consumption across all digital platforms and how best to integrate this within a wider, multi-channel behavioural change campaigns.

John Williams

Direct Engagement Manager (Midlands)

John leads our field teams on projects across the Midlands, coordinating routes and work with supreme efficiency, bringing local knowledge and insight and contributing the high contact rates we have become famous for.

Tony O’Connor

Design Manager

Paul Clark’s right hand man and lead creative on the most demanding of campaigns.

Shaun Moss


A vital cog in the creative wheel, specialises in making the more mundane requirements, sparkle and engaging.

Colin Sandison


Creator of materials that drive home the message in the most effective way imaginable.

Jonathan Hall

Video and Photographer

Highly creative, award-winning camera wielding expert. Capable of creating TV standard video content and photography that has made the humble wheelie bin a thing of beauty.

Michelle Elliot


Lots of work needs lots of administration and Michelle’s a sharp as it comes to making sure order is maintained.

Annette Hart

Financial Administration

Lots of work needs lots of money management and Annette’s the best there is.