UK Assignments

Job Description
HAVE YOU BIN SMART? Public Engagement: Tackling High Levels of Contamination
Kingston upon Hull City Council

Public engagement project targeting 40,000 homes to address high levels of recycling contamination across the city.


Awareness Campaign
Kingston upon Hull City Council


Part of the wider engagement campaign tackling high levels of contamination, this project delivered a city-wide awareness campaign integrated with a mailing to all households. Work included the creation of a campaign brand, copywriting, design and production management.


Public engagement and recycling bag distribution
Waverley Borough Council

Appointed to target HMO properties to encourage greater use of communal recycling facilities and the distribution of new recycling bags to properties.

Marketing Communication Services
GJF Fabrications


EnviroComms were appointed to undertake a major overhaul of the company’s brand and marketing assets. Work involved a complete re-design of company brochures and advertising, a product photo-shot and the design of a new exhibition stand.

Behaviour Change across HMO properties
Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

A borough-wide campaign combining bin monitoring, stickering and engagement aimed at improving recycling performance across high multiple occupancy properties.

Addressing Behaviours at Household Waste Recycling Centres
Warwickshire County Council


A four month project aimed at improving public usage of Household Waste and Recycling Centres across Warwickshire. The project involved the deployment of our team of advisors across the four principal sites in the county to meet with residents and correct usage patterns, particularly where people were bring materials that could be collected from the kerbside.

Addressing low-levels of recycling
Surrey County Council

Developed and delivered a programme of direct public engagemenent to tackle low-recycling performance across 30,000 homes.

Contamination monitoring and public engagement
Chiltern and Wycombe Waste Partnership


Project to assess contamination levels in recycling and garden waste bin and address through bin-stickering and public engagement activities.

Awareness raising for new subscription based Garden Waste service
London Borough of Bexley


Delivered a programme of outreach and engagement aimed at raising awarenss of changes to the organic waste collection services provided to 77,000 homes across the borough. Project exceeded objective of 20,000 subscriptions to the new Garden Waste service, achieving 30,000 subscriptions by the end of the first phase of the project.

Bexley 2

Recycling performance
Warwickshire County Council


Appointed to develop an extensive programme of work with the objective of reducing contamination and increasing recycling across the county’s homes. Work includes set out and participation monitoring, direct engagement and HWRC canvassing activity.

Research into methods of behaviour change towards food waste reduction
Worcestershire County Council


Developed and delivered a campaign aimed at tackling high levels of food waste across the county. Work included the co-ordination of public engagement activity, campaign, research and data analysis. Also developed a Pledge Card approach to encourage food waste reduction.

Increasing use of communal recycling facilities
London Borough of Enfield


EnviroComms were appointed to deliver a programme of public outreach targeting people living in multiple occupancy properties with the objective of increasing participation in the communal recycling services provided to them. This achieved our highest first-round contact rate of 57%.


Increasing Recycling amongst the student population
Canterbury City Council

Canterbury 1

We developed a direct public engagement programme targeting students with the objective of encouraging greater diligence in the use of the waste and recycling services provided to them. Work also included research into the likliy level of take-up of a proposed waste related smart-phone App.

Canterbury 2

November 2014 – March 2015
Marketing services

Propelair are the inventors and manufacturers of the world’s first water-saving lavatory. EnviroComms have been appointed to develop their brand and a range of marketing materials and website as the company seeks to gain a foothold in global markets.

Have a look at the website we created for Propelair

December 2014
Service change
London Borough of Hounslow

Hounslow 1

Direct engagement campaign for the introduction of new wheeled residual bins to 20,000 homes

October 2014 – December 2014
Low performing households
London Borough of Hounslow

Hounslow 2

Doorstepping project aimed at tackling low-performing households and supporting the introduction of wheeled residual bins across 20,000 homes

August 2014 – October 2014
Low performing households
Warwickshire County Council


Public engagement and doorstep advisory programme targeting 44,000 properties identified as low performing in terms of recycling participation with a particular focus on reducing the amount of food waste places into residual bins.

Our work contributed to a reduction in food waste disposal by 25% saving the council over £900,000 in disposal costs.

2013 – 2014
New services – Contract Stabilisation
East Sussex Joint Waste Partnership / Kier Environmental services


Development and deployment of a major Contract Stabilisation Campaign to support the introduction of a new joint waste partnership to 140,000 homes across four municipalities in southern England including the introduction of major changes to domestic waste and recycling services including commercial waste services. Work included campaign development, direct public outreach, direct mail, advertising, PR and internal stakeholder engagement.


2012 – 2013
Low performing households
London Borough of Hounslow


Developed a campaign designed to increase participation and capture rates for recycling across 30,000 low-performing homes in the borough. Work included research into why current participation was low, direct public engagement through door-knocking and an advertising campaign using prominent local media. Outcome resulted in a drastic increase in recycling, reaching the highest levels recorded which has been sustained since the completion of the work.

Marketing services


Developed a range of marketing materials including a company and product brochure. Also developed a new exhibition stand and various other marketing collateral

2012 – 2013
Behavioural change – recycling increase
North London Waste Authority

We Recycle

Developed and delivered a major awareness campaign across seven North London boroughs designed to increase recycling through motivational messaging of the cost benefits of doing so. The campaign included media usage across the tube network, exterior advertising sites, radio and an interactive app, supported by public events held across the region. Work included campaign planning and creative development, media planning, market testing, copywriting.


New services – Contract Stabilisation
Dover District Council


Major behavioral change campaign to support introduction of curbside recycling across 90,000 homes. Developed local recycling branding and advertising campaigns, stakeholder engagement events and extensive PR activities. Work included campaign design, copywriting, project management and monitoring.


2011 – 2011
Incentive scheme
London Waste and Recycling Board


Development of communication and outreach programme to support incentive scheme being launched in trial area of flats in London.


Public consultation
Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority


Provision of outreach support in relation to major public consultation project on waste disposal and treatment site options across the region, providing and facilitating focus groups, roadshows and online engagement tools.

2010 – 2010
Educational resources
Western Riverside Waste Authority


Design and content development of a major educational centre for children at a major new Material Recycling Facility in London.


Behavioural change – new recycling bins
The Wellcome Trust

Appointed to develop an awareness and information campaign for The Wellcome Trust’s Cambridge Campus to support the introduction of work-place recycling.

January 2010 – March 2010

“Love Food Hate Waste” Development and deployment of nationwide waste minimisation campaign for Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

2009 – 2009
Student engagement
Cheshire West and Chester Council

Design, development and delivery of campaign to raise awareness of recycling and encourage use of service to students at Chester University on behalf of Cheshire West and Chester Council.

2010 – 2011
Consultancy services
Recycle Bank

EnviroComms were pivotal in bringing the US Recycling Incentive company to the UK. We provided market entry services including market assessment studies and seminars for local authorities as well as leveraging meetings with key ministers and government officers which resulted in incentives being included within national policy. We also leveraged Recycle Bank’s first UK contract with Halton Borough Council

2009 – 2010
New services – Contract Stabilisation
Halton Borough Council


Public Outreach Campaign to raise awareness and encourage participation in the extension of the council’s recycling services to a further 24,000 homes. Work included campaign design, media planning, copywriting, project management and monitoring.

2009 – 2009
Behaviour change -Contamination reduction
Nottinghamshire County Council

Developed a countywide campaign “Have you Bin-Smart” to reduce levels of contamination in the recycling collections. Work included developing a campaign theme alongside the use of the national Recycle Now branding, copywriting, design and artwork.

2007 – 2009
New services – Contract Stabilisation
Rother District Council


Major behavioral change campaign to support introduction of curbside recycling across 44,000 homes. Developed local recycling branding and advertising campaigns, stakeholder engagement events and extensive PR activities. Work included campaign design, copywriting, project management and monitoring. This campaign is now widely used across Europe as an example of best practice and was a finalist in Creative East, a major design awards. This campaign also required us to work in close partnership with the council’s contractor; Verdant.


2008 – 2009
Behavioural change – recycling increase
Nottingham City Council

“Are you Recycling”? Campaign to encourage two, low performing areas of the city to recycle more and address key issues surrounding resident behaviour. and educate residents about changes to collection processes.

2007 – 2007
Recycling Website

Appointed to develop a highly interactive Recycling Awareness website for West Sussex. The site included live web streaming from CCTV cameras at HWRC to enable residents to assess the business of them before setting off plus an interactive material checker to identify what materials can and can’t be recycled.

2007 – 2009
Behavioural change – composting and green gardening
West Sussex County Council


“Green Club”. Development and campaign to encourage sustainable gardening techniques with an emphasis on composting. Also developed the “Green Diggers”; a section of the club for under 12s. Designed major launch event and promotional campaign leading to 2,000 members joining.


2008 –2009
Public consultation
Luton Borough Council

Doorstep campaign to 10,000 low recycling performing homes across the borough.

2005 - 2009
Various – outreach marketing
East London Waste Authority

Communications for a variety of public outreach initiatives including leaflets, signage, campaigns and events.

2007 – 2008
New services – Contract Stabilisation
Bristol City Council

“Change. It’s often a good thing”. Major campaign to raise awareness of new recycling services across the city. Developed campaign strategy, theme, content and media planning.

New services – Contract Stabilisation
City of Stoke

Developed education programme to residents surrounding the introduction of a new residual waste collection system.

2007 – 2007
Public Consultation
Welsh Assembly

Provided key input to the outreach elements of a countrywide public consultation programme on waste treatment options.

2006 – 2006
Incentive scheme
Essex County Council


“Recycle and Win Cash” Developed strategy and content for countywide incentive scheme to encourage greater levels of recycling.

April 2006 – May- 2006
Behavioural change – recycling increase
London Borough of Bexley

Doorstepping campaign targeting flats across Bexley to increase use of recycling services and promote a new recycling bag scheme for flats.

Public consultation
Basildon Council

Provided communication and public engagement strategic and tactical support in relation district wide public consultation on local recycling services.

2006 – 2006
Public consultation
Swindon Borough Council

Public Consultation programme development providing communication and public engagement strategic and tactical support in relation district wide consultation on local recycling and waste services.

2005 – 2006
Public consultation
Stafford Borough Council

Public consultation programme to identify perceptions, habits and barriers to recycling in preparation of new recycling services. Managed in-filed participation and set out monitoring.

2004 – 2005
New services – Contract Stabilisation
Kettering Borough Council


Integrated outreach campaign to raise awareness of new kerbside recycling services across the borough.

2005 – 2005
New services – Contract Stabilisation
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

“Introducing Alternate Week Collection”. Developed a campaign targeting 12,000 homes due to be changed to AWC collection system. Developed strategic and creative content and project managed implementation.

February 2004 – July 2004
Behavioural change – recycling increase
Plymouth City Council

Developed public consultation programme to assess reasons for low participation in recycling across four areas of the city. Outcome drove development of targeted behaviour change campaign, also project managed by Stephen.

New services – Contract Stabilisation
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

“Don’t bin it, Blue Box it”. Strategic development and implementation of major campaign to raise awareness of new kerbside recycling service. Project management included brand development and implementation of media, information delivery, event and road show management.