Contract Stabilisation

The services we deploy for Contract Stabilisation include:

  • 24/7 dedicated all centre; lessening the pressure council contact point resources
  • Direct engagement; doorstepping and events
  • Systematic communications; raising awareness, creating interest, igniting desire and stimulating action
  • Online resources for calendar downloads and collection look-up
  • PR; managing the messages
  • Internal stakeholder engagement; We’re the pioneers of this activity, engaging early with the local movers and shakers to get their support and utilised as a key communication channel.

The transfer of waste services from one contractor to another and the introduction of new waste and recycling systems are amongst the most challenging tasks any local authority can face.

Such is the ubiquity of waste services, a council’s actions are observed with far greater scrutiny at this time and the fall out of poorly implemented contracts can have catastrophic consequences, financially, operationally and politically that can take months, if not years, to recover from.

EnviroCommsECC have developed a specialty in contract stabilisation that has successfully enabled many waste companies, councils and waste partnerships to undergo seamless and efficient transfer of contracts and efficiently introduce new services to a willing population.

It’s a skill. It’s an art. It’s a science.