Incentives and rewards

Local Green Points is the only scheme of its type currently operating that offers genuine rewards linked to performance and rewards that help stimulate the local economy.

Incentivising behavioural change has emerged as an effective primary strategy over the past few years and has become part of the government’s waste policy. EnviroCommsECC were one of the early pioneers in this field having first worked with local authorities in developing incentive campaigns back in 2006.

Along with Green Rewards and Resource Waste Advisory Group, EnviroCommsECC were one of the founding partners of Local Green Points. Launched in 2011, the scheme measures residual waste collected on each collection round and rewarding people where a reduction in waste has been achieved. The rewards are Green Points, which can be spent on a range of eco-products or donated to local community charities and projects. Residents who take part in the scheme receive a Local Green Points card, which enables them to take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts from local, independent retailers.

The first scheme was launched in Thamesmead in Bexley, South East London in 2011 and has since stimulated a significant reduction in waste and an increase in recycling in one of the UK’s hardest of hard-to-reach areas. Local Green Points has since been launched in Greenwhich, Cheltenham, Rother (Bexhill) and the London Borough of Havering with further schemes due to be rolled out over the coming months.

For more information on Local Green Points, please contact Green Rewards.