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Digital outreach

Online communications is today every bit as much a viable channel of outreach as traditional print or broadcast media. In some cases, it’s the most suitable option. EnviroComms were early pioneers in the use of digital communications supporting behavioural change initiatives as the UK transitioned towards a circular economy in the early ’00s. We’ve since gone on to develop Apps, Websites, Dashboards, Social Media and Digital Hubs as supportive measures for wide reaching recycling campaigns or stand-alone initiatives around which engagement is based.

Our digital services are provided entirely in-house, blending strategy, coding and design together under a single-point project management system ensuring seamless integration, creatively, operationally and strategically.

Our services in this field include:

Complete digital campaigns

Combining website, apps and social media together with the means to drive traffic and rapidly boost audience numbers tied to a common strategy.


Created to support a wider campaign or as a standalone asset. We use current tools and standards to ensure cross-platform compatibility. Example below is a site created for the East Sussex Joint Waste partnership including a post-code look up for collection days.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 11.52.04

Digital dashboards

Suitable for internal management as well as disseminating performance figures to the public in a digestible manner. Feeding from waste data flows and other data sources we can tailor approaches precisely to need.

Mobile Apps

Around 70% of all online data is accessed via mobile devices and a well designed and executed App is an ideal way to deliver timely information to the population and create a platform of on-going, real-time engagement. We can create Apps as a stand-alone asset or create websites that appear and behave like Apps. Below is an example of an app designed for the North London Waste Authority.




Social Media

Like. Tweet. Share. Pin…. Social Media is now a vital means of engagement. More than half of the UK adult population uses Facebook, a quarter uses Twitter. We can develop content that grabs attention and develop strategies that rapidly build audiences, providing a meaningful opportunity to engage with thousands of people. Below is an example of a Social Media driven recycling campaign for a client in New Zealand. Residents were invited to pledge to recycle more. When they did so, they uploaded a photo of themselves which was then published as a name-tagged post on Facebook and Twitter and some photos were used on print based advertising; making those who pledged “local recycling heroes”!

UpperHutt mast head


Digital Hubs

When need calls for different platform types, we can create digital hubs. Using client-editable websites, we can create a programme that makes it easy to populate many platforms with the same message at the click of a button and develop incisive tracking tools to measure what’s generating interest, what’s getting viewed, through what means and who’s looking. Below is a n example of a digital hub for a project in Lebanon that provided access to regional waste projects via a website, app and social media channels.


Beyond these, we offer all technical support services including domain registration, hosting, back-up and training.



Graphic Design

If behavioural change is at the core of what we do, design is the driving force.

We have a team of highly talented designers, exceptionally experienced in developing graphic design for behavioural change campaigns that constantly delivers results.

In this field, design isn’t just about looking nice. It’s about creating a visual identity that is applicable to the target market and one that can get across key messages without unnecessary clutter.

Using this approach, our creative team have developed some of the most distinctive and effective campaigns of their type over the past ten years.


Ink on paper remains a key part of communications and print management remains a key service provided by EnviroCommsECC.

We work with partners that provide consistently brilliant quality and the highest levels of environmentally sound print production techniques.

Our dedicated print team is trained to the very highest standards and operates 24/7, ensuring we can meet your deadlines every time.

Our digital department offers near-litho quality coupled with overnight printing.

In addition, our print partners also hold ISO-14001 accreditation (the internationally recognised scheme for monitoring and continual improvement of environmental performance), as well as the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and PEFC accreditations to ensure all of our paper comes from a sustainable source.

Direct Mail

Getting the right information to the right household on time is both a science and an art. It can also be a costly activity so diligent management is essential to ensure your investment is protected.

EnviroComms have exceptional experience in this field of activity. It’s estimated that over the past ten years, we’ve mailed recycling and waste related information to around 8 million homes so it’s fair to say we know our way around direct mail.

From market segmentation through to postage, we manage the entire process to ensure full control of the whole process. Services include

  • Database management
  • Market segmentation
  • Mail merging
  • Personalisation and overprinting
  • Mail management

In addition, our direct mail partners are one of a handful of companies accredited to ISO 27001 for information security management so we can guarantee the safety of your data and mailing. They use high-speed technology that can print, fold and enclose anything from an A5 to A3 inserts, with full digital personalisation where required.

We work with Royal Mail mailsort and providers such as TNT and CitiPost, enabling you take advantage of the best available discounts for both UK and overseas mail.

Our complete data cleansing service will ensure your campaign is accurately targeted. Services offered included:

  • PAF cleansing, to correct invalid addresses
  • Goneaway and deceased suppression
  • Deduplication
  • MPS suppression, to avoid ‘opted-out’ names and addresses
  • Country detection, to identify foreign records and correct information

Data sources used include: Acxiom, BSF, Equifax disConnect, reConnect, GAS (Goneaway, Reactive), MPS, Mortascreen, NCOA, NDR, PAF, TBR, TPS, UK Residency.


There is often no substitute for having a visible presence in the communities you are targeting. Emerging from behind desks and offices to meet the people you are serving can add significant layers of trust and understanding and help underpin your overall aims and objectives.

EnviroComms can help design, develop and implement engaging events from small shopping centre displays to major scheme launches. We offer a range of support services including display graphics, vehicle liveries, uniforms, staffing and facilitation to ensure a smooth run, effective event that maximises exposure just when it is needed the most.

  • Display materials
  • Give-away collateral
  • Vehicle sourcing
  • Vehicle liveries
  • Walk-about costume characters
  • Event design and development
  • Event facilitation
  • Staffing
  • Venue sourcing
  • Celebrity appearances
  • PA and MC services

We hold all public liability insurance to run all types of events.



“Half of my advertising budget is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half!”

The author of this quote; Lord Leverhulme, should have appointed EnviroCommsECC because we would know. Spending public funds, we have to ensure that every penny spent is accountable and this is achieved through an in-depth understanding of where we will gain the widest and deepest reach to your target audience, coupled with incisive media planning tools that ensure ad campaigns integrate perfectly with other communication activity.

  • Media planning and buying
  • Advertising production
  • ROI assessment

We Recycle


A picture says a thousand words. It stands to reason then that videos can say many, many more!

With the advent of online streaming, it’s never been easier or as effective to utilise video in your communication activities whether they be for promotion, publicity or instruction.

EnviroComms offers a full video production service and produces compelling programmes that people want to watch – not just feel that they have to watch.

  • Scripting and storyboarding
  • Filming services
  • Editing and post production
  • Presenting
  • Voice – overs
  • Actor management
  • Streaming and distribution



EnviroComms provides training services ranging from one-to-one support through to training courses focusing on the theme of behavioural change communications, equipping your team to manage campaigns with added insight and efficiency.

We provide both “off-the-shelf” training and bespoke courses tailored to fit your specific requirements, every one grounded in industry research and focuses on core topics specific to your own challenges.