A selection of our international assignments

Date: 2014

Location: Bangalore and Kerala, India

Client: EBTC and Kerala State Government

Project: Appointed to lead a technical mission to Kerala, producing a detailed needs analysis and develop programme of work to create a strategic waste plan for the state including the delivery of an EU technical mission, stakeholder workshop conference and the formation of a project management unit to develop the waste plan.



Date: 2014

Location: Muscat, Oman

Client Project: Be’ha and Ministry of Environment and Climate

Client Project: Undertaking preliminary scoping plan for public outreach and engagement as part of an integrated waste management programme in Muscat.

Date: 2014 to 2015

Location: Albania

Client: GFC and Korca Regional Waste Management Company

Project: Appointed to provide expert input for public awareness and engagement development activities in support of improvements to local waste management.

Date: 2013

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Client: GIZ, Ministry of Environment, Egypt. National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP)

Project: Designed high-level conference and workshop event for Egypt’s waste management sector as part of the NSWMP’s objectives of improving the country’s waste management sector. Work included the research into key topics and the creation of thematic content for inclusion. Additional work included the development of event branding and promotion and PR which lead to widespread print and broadcast media coverage across Egypt and the wider Middle East region. Over 200 delegates attended both days against a target of 140.



Date: 2013

Location: Hyderabad, Ahmebad, India

Client: EBTC, Ministry of Urban Development on India

Project: Development of overview strategy for public engagement and behavioural change supporting urban development initiatives in a waste management context. Paper presented at the 6th EuroIndia Summit; ‘Greening Cities’.

Date: 2011 – ongoing


Location: Azerbaijan

Client: Ministry of Economic Development and Tamiz Shahar via Eptisa & RWA consortium

Project: Major communication and awareness programme including social inclusion component in support of major changes to waste management facilities in the Absheron Peninsula. Work includes the development of a specific communication and awareness strategy, customer satisfaction survey, tactical planning and implementation, core competency training and the development of communication resources, initially for use in Baku but set for national scalability.

Date: 2011

Location: Belarus (Minsk), Georgia (Tbilisi) and Moldova (Chisinau).

Client: EC via Eptisa & RWA consortium

Project: Part of headline Waste Governance project for ENPI countries, We were tasked with the rapid development of public and social awareness projects and outreach methodologies in support of national stakeholders across Belarus within the waste sector. Key challenges dealt with included:

  • Building of core communication competencies amongst programme delivery stakeholders
  • Research in to primary barriers of public participation into waste management improvements
  • Creation of communication framework reference document for delivery stakeholders

Work was completed on time and within budget. Feedback from client stakeholders has been exceptionally positive.

Date: 2011

Location: Belarus, Grodno

Client: Government of Belarus and The World Bank via Eptisa/RWA consortium

Project: Our experience was called upon to provide key, early inputs on the development programme surrounding the development of a materials recovery facility for the Grodno region. Specific inputs included:

  • Development of communication and outreach capacities within the overall project plan
  • Waste awareness and communication development training for key local stakeholders
  • Building of social outreach and communication competencies
  • Framework for financial aspects of communications within overall project plan

Date: February 2010 – ongoing

Location: Sri Lanka

Client: IWS / Ministry of Environment SL

Project: Leading a team of relevant experts in the formation of a Waste Awareness and Education Programme to support the development of innovative waste infrastructure projects in the Colombo and Kandy regions of the Country on behalf of the Sir Lankan Ministry of Environment and commercial funders (BNP Paribas). Key responsibilities thus far have included:

  • Identification and recruitment of key experts
  • Formation of structured team to implement programme
  • Development of core communications strategy
  • Full financial and tactical planning
  • Reporting to funding partners and ministries

Date: 2008-2009

Location: Bulgaria

Client: EU and The Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BAMEE).

Project: Appointed by BAMEE and the Ministry of Environment in Bulgaria to consider how best to facilitate the sharing of best practice knowledge amongst NGOs, Municipalities and commercial waste organisations across the country. We developed a comprehensive two-day conference programme and acted as Team Leaders for this activity. Key duties and outcomes included:

  • Identification and recruitment of key delivery partners, locally and internationally
  • Lead a team of 6 delivery personal (in BG and UK)
  • Identification and securing of donor funding to finance the project (public and private funding)
  • Conference content development
  • Marketing and promotion of conference

The conference was noted as being a significant success attracting close to 200 delegates (in excess of the required target needed to satisfy funding criteria) with budget never being breached and the event taking place as planned in terms of time and content.



Date: 2008–2009

Location: Saudi Arabia

Client: City of Riyadh – Department of Environment

Project: We were invited by the Deputy Mayor of Riyadh to develop a range of public behaviour initiatives aimed dealing with a number of social issues including the throwing of litter from cars and the need to introduce source separated recycling to parts of the city. Working with local service providers, we assembled a team of key experts in the field including religious advisers and developed a programme of communications to tackle the problems. This work included:

  • Team leadership of a highly diverse set of stakeholders covering a variety of sensitive cultures
  • Policy inputs on enforcement practices
  • Development of programmes at a strategic and tactical level
  • Full scoping for recycling in schools and colleges
  • Benchmarking and monitoring protocols
  • Creative development

The programme was delivered on time and with a detailed toolkit to enable the relevant ministries to implement the requirements with ease and fluidity.



Date: 2008–2009

Location: Saudi Arabia

Client: City of Jeddah, Department of Environment

Project: We were engaged by the client to look into ways in which the population of Saudi Arabia could be stimulated into participation in resource recovery programmes within waste management across the country, specifically at how this might be funded in a society that collects no taxes and whose legal and social legislation is enshrined in religion.

We began by identifying and engaging with three primary stakeholder groups; the Saudi Environmental Society, The General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment and the Arab Net for Environment and Development. This was then expanded into additional input stakeholder groups comprising local NGOs working in the regions, commercial operations and international experts.

We facilitated a number of workshops, which lead to the focus upon the creation of Producer Responsibility within the country. This in turn resulted in the following work streams:

  • Partnering with best practice organisation (Green Dot Cyprus Ltd)
  • Public attitudinal and behavioural assessments
  • Social inclusion programmes
  • Formalisation of stakeholder and public ‘think-tanks’
  • Creation of detailed ‘road-map’ document for project progression

Date: 2009

Location: Kuwait

Client: National Cleaning Company

Project: Public outreach input as part of a major contract for waste management. Work included strategic communication planning and schools outreach.

Date: 2009

Location: UAE

Client: IWS

Project: Behavioural change campaign services in relation to private financed EfW project.

Date: 2008

Location: Western Balkans

Client: RWA

Project: ISWM and Producer responsibility for packaging waste, 2009. Team members on International Finance Corporation project to provide workshops and guidance on integrated solid waste management. Co-author of policy paper on producer responsibility for packaging.

Date: 2008

Location: Romania

Client: RWA

Project: Workshop on European Financing of waste management, 2009. Facilitator of workshop designed to deliver improved project pipeline for solid waste in Romania.

Date: 2008

Location: Cyprus

Client: Green Dot (Cyprus) Ltd

Project: We were appointed as Team Leaders on the development of communication and public outreach activity to support the introduction of household collection of waste and recycling across a trial area of Nicosia. This was the first time the collection of waste direct from each home was being introduced in the country and was a financial risk to Green Dot should it be difficult to work.

We developed a comprehensive package of communication and public outreach activities, forming partnerships with local service providers which also enabled added insight into the local social dynamics.

The recommendations were accepted and implemented and the service change proven successful.



Date: 2008

Location: Cyprus

Client: District of Anglitzia

Project: Public engagement project to support changes to waste services across the district.

Date: 2006

Location: Paris

Client: Plastic Omnium

Project: Engaged by Plastic Omnium (global bin manufacture) to advise global sales force on issues relating to municipal communications with residents in regards to waste and resource recovery. The assignment required extensive research into examples of best practice from around the world and assessment of the most relevant and pressing issues relating to the company’s primary markets.

Delivery was done during the firm’s bi-annual global AGM through training and workshop sessions.

Date: 2005

Location: Minneapolis, USA

Client: National Recylining Coalition

Project: Invited to participate as International Expert in Public Outreach and Behavioural Change in waste management at the National Recycling Coalition Congress. I provided interactive workshop sessions for government waste officers and numerous materials and frameworks for communication planning and deployment.

Date: 2001 –2004

Location: UK, Germany and Netherlands

Client: Cleanaway Holdings (Europe) Ltd

Project: Between 2001 and 2004 We were retained as Team Leader on a wide range of communication services and strategies for Cleanaway’s European operations including:

  • Corporate marketing and branding
  • Support of public outreach initiatives in operational regions
  • Stakeholder engagement programmes
  • Internal stakeholder communications