IMG_9409Conveying important messages with clarity requires the careful integration of media and brilliant campaign management to ensure success.

EnviroComms has built a reputation for campaigns that always deliver results, on time and on budget. We develop branding that knits together campaign elements and create schedules that blend with your operational requirements to ensure spot-on timing.

The result is campaigns that combine tried and tested marketing communication methodologies, a strategic foundation of behavioural change and a practical deployment that ensures the messages are clear, targeted and results driven.

Budget Management 

The first line of any conversation we’ve ever had with our public sector clients has always included words to the effect of “we’ve got no money”.

Times are tight but in truth, when working on campaigns for the public sector, they always have been and always will. So how have we managed to prosper in an environment of seeming permanent budget scarcity? We believe it comes down to a number approaches:

Linking budget to savings

By and large, the work we do results in an increase in waste diversion. Avoidance of disposal saves money and knowing this (and what the saving amounts to) means that we can tailor what we do to fit within a budget that can be justified based upon the cost savings it is likely to deliver for the local authority.

Sensible pricing

We keep our overheads low and our pricing sensible. If we spot a way to make a saving, we’ll let you know and strive always to provide the best possible value. On average, the campaigns we’ve produced over the past 10 years have been billed at around 11% less than the budget that was allocated to them.

Keeping track

We manage campaign budgets using a ‘Latest Cost Indicator’. This is a tried and tested model that allows us to track variations in cost over the life of a campaign. Inveriably, costs on such project do change, both up and down. Where costs reduce, we can advise on where this saving can best be spent elsewhere and where they increase, we can advise from where the addisitional budget can be drawn meaning we can deliver a campaign that never breaches the budget parameters.

We have long recognised the importance of responsible stewardship of public funds and the need to demonstrate this to a level that will stand up to the most robust of scrutiny and it is this approach that has allowed us to grow in a sector known for its frugality.

Doorstepping and Direct Approach Advisory services

G2DX9082One to one conversations with people is proven to be the most effective means to shift behaviour. It also happens to be one of the most resource intensive methods of outreach and certainly one of the most expensive.

EnviroComms have knocked on over 1 million doors and developed an approach to direct doorstep engagement that has yielded amongst the highest contact rates and outcomes achieved in the UK.

We regularly exceed contact rates of 40% (the national average being 30%) and have stimulated significant increases in diversion as result of nothing other than knocking on doors and speaking to residents.

The success we generate here is as a result of over 12 years of carefully honing our approach which includes:

Recruitment: We take great care in recruiting the right people, drawn from the areas in which we are working that representing the demographics of the local area.

Training: Time and great care is taken to ensure the teams are properly trained and provided all the information they need to engage with people efficiently and with confidence.

Route planning: Team Leaders are given the role of planning doorstepping routes and are provided guidance on how to minimise time walking or travelling between areas, maximising the numbers of properties that can be visited for each project.

Motivation: Teams are motivated throughout the entire project period. We regularly inform them of their performance and outcomes, feedback to them positive comments from residents and clients and encourage them to develop friendships amongst their colleagues.