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Waste management has never been a simple endeavour but its complexity has increased over recent years to levels that now require greater public participation than ever before if targets are to be met and maintained.

It is for this reason that public engagement and communications has emerged as a critical success component in waste management as the need for public participation has moved ever further away from a single-bin solution.

Waste is a Communications business, not just a logistical business

David Mottershead
Senior Government Policy Advisor, UK 2006

Our work motivates a change in behaviour, ignites action amongst the population and above all else; deliver you the results you aim for.

Since 2004, EnviroCommsECC has been at the forefront of communications and participatory planning for the waste and resource recovery sector, developing some of the most successful campaigns ever run, achieving success for all of our clients which includes over 100 local authorities across the UK, waste companies, waste partnerships and government as well as in over 20 countries around the world.

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